onsdag 22. mai 2013

World Dog Show 2013 in Budapest.

This time I will try to write in english so all my foreign friends also can read my blogg :)

Tuesday Yvonne and I start out trip to Hungary. We brought Samba and Shadow. Already at Gardemoen airport we met problems. Just I got boardingcard all the way to Budapest. Yvonne got only to Munich, without answer of why. We thought it was because of dogs, and that was correct. In Munich we had to go to Lufthansa information. And there were a lot of people and things took loooong time. So at last we were told to go to gate without further answer. Heart beatet and we were hot! At gate everybody had boarded and there would be three dogs in cabin, so the captain had to allow. At last he did and we ran again, and together with another norwegian in problem we arrived flight by bus. What a feeling when everybody look at you walking into flight late, sweating and with dogs. Puh. At that time we really was happy Lufthansa serve wine on airplanes :)
 Finally we came to Budapest and Emma met us at the airport. Weather was great and everybody happy. We got delicious chicken and spend some time outside talking. We were a bit tired after the trip and had to wake up at 5 to reach cacib show wedensday.

We wake up to nice weather and Emma served cafee and tea early in the morning. She is the perfekt host. Smiling and fixing from early in the morning to the evening. And her lovely husband had made sandwitches we brought to show for breakfast and lunch. Threre were som waiting so Yvonne and I spend some tome outside in the sun before entering the ring. Samba did well and become number 2 in class with res. cac. This was unfortunetly not Shadows day.

In the evening Emma (Aranyjuharlevel kennel) had invated to a big grillparty. Bea (Sambas breeder, Elmada Dogs kennel) and husband came. My friends from Sweden Katarina og Lars (Meandis kennel) was invited. Sabine Steinmann (Vom Salzetal kennel, Germany) and her sister Petra came. And Emmas stepdaughter Angie and her moter and stepdad came. We had such a nice time with lot of food and cake, wine and beer. Thank you so much Emma making that lovely evening.

Thursdag it was no show and we went sightseeing. The most fantastic to see was the Mathias church. It is really wonderful!! Together with very nice people we spend some time around it and ate icecream and talked a lot. We also saw Emmas workingplace, drove around and saw the city. We ate at a resturant  with lovely food and big plates ;) At last we went to a big shoppingcenter, and everything made the suitcase to little.

17th of May is Norways national day, and again it was show. Yvonne and I started the day with a glass of wine and singing the national anthem, ja vi elsker dette landet.... on the showground. Who had belived that from two silence and good girls??? ;) We only live once!!!! The show was not good for me, because of a judge with hat!!! Samba couldn`t hate something more than hats!!!
In the evening we had great time home at Emmas. Yvonne, I, Emma and Atilla. We ate moose, cake and strawberries, drank wine and champagne. We had brought candels from Løten lys, with national colors and really enjoyd the calm and nice time.
18th of May it was the really big happening- World Dog Show.What we had looked forward to for a long time. 78 havanese and 51 bolognese entered the show. Samba had 2 hours training in the ring with different people, and I had hard time staying calm and safe :) But it ended really well. Samba behaved nice and got number 3 in intermediat class with excellent. Shadow was champion nr 1 with cac ans res. cacib, emmas Schumi was best puppy, and our swedish friend Katarine and Lars`s hanno become world junior winner and BOB!!! I am so impressed. Congratulation again!!!! What a day for the Emmas team :)
In the evening we visited the restaurant again and said goodbye to all the nice people we met. It was a nice meal but also hard saying goodbye. We have to think see you again rather than bye. When we got home we were tired and lying in bed watching eurovision. it was very good relaxing. Yvonne and I talked a lot, and still were and also are after coming home, so impressed of how nice people can be. Emma is a wonderful woman. Always saing yes, ok, no problem- I fix!! What a lot of energy and hapiness in one human being. Serving tea and coffe 5 in the morning. Driving around and helping everybody, and making everybody feel so home. If all people just had a bit of Emma in them the world would be a better place. And together with all the other awesome people the trip couldn`t be anything else than perfect.

Also the flight home went much better than down to Hungary,

I really am looking forward to meet you all again!!!!

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  1. Thank you these nice words about me and visiting of Budapest. I'm so sad without my happiness friends. Where are Ann Kristin and Yvonne? Where is Samba? Where is "little fatboy"? I love everything minutes your visiting. I wasn't tired. therefore I'm the youngest(hehehe) among friends . You have to arrive tomorrow and everything will go on.I want to manage Emma's team.